No Closet Follies Vol 3

By Puckduction Presents (other events)

Saturday, August 22 2020 6:00 PM 7:45 PM

Puckduction Presents a show that will certainly leave a mark!

No Closet Follies Vol 3: A Not So Vanilla  Digital Event brings together a cast of perfomers, with a particaluar set of skills, for your viewing pleasure. Watch as they delight, titillate, tease, seduce and dominate you!. Featuring performance art from latex to high femme to gender bending to rope, there will be something to arouse everyones interests. All through digital live streaming!

Puckduction is fisically sponsored by Shunpike, an arts 501(c)3 nonprofit. By supporting Puckduction you are are a part of bringing more BIPOC artists to stages and supporting a Black & Queer owned business.

Our No Closet Follies this year:

Egypt Blaque Knyle  (California)
The Luminous Pariah
Beary Manatease (Tennessee)
Isabella Van Ghoul
Lavish Leone
Rainie Dae and Vanessa The Witch
Whisper DeCorvo

Your emcee for this show is Mx. Pucks A'Plenty.

Bring those digital dollar bills for making it on performers through Cash App & Paypal. All tips are pooled and shared. 

Also join us for the launch of the SexualiTea podcast, a proud sponsor of No Closet Follies!

"Sticks and stones may break your bones, But chains and whips do excite you!"




18+ event